Friday, October 22, 2010

Hydrocarbons and Costumes

Three of our kids are going to a costume party tonight. They’ve been working on their costumes. Jake’s going as a pirate, complete with eye patch, earring, and hook. Ariel is going as Medusa. She has a lovely Greek gown and is wearing snakes in her hair. Luke vacillated between the Grim Reaper, a Shakespeare character, or Harry Potter. He decided on Harry Potter. (I’ll try to remember to take pictures.)

For part of Luke’s ensemble, he got a metal clothes hanger and started transforming it into glasses. We all told him that it was going to look stupid. He told us to be patient. By last evening, the glasses looked really good. Ariel and I told Luke that we could paint a scar on his forehead with makeup. He scowled. Ten minutes later, Luke said, “Tada.” He had a lovely “scar” on his forehead. Ariel and I examined it closely. I said, “What did you use to draw this scar?” Luke said, “A Sharpie.” In unison, Ariel and I yelled, “No! You’ll never be able to get that off.” Luke’s forehead wrinkled. “Of course, I can get it off. Sharpie ink is hydrocarbon-based. All I need is a hydrocarbon-based solvent.” We dared him to take it off.

Luke left the room and came back sans Sharpie scar. Apparently, rubbing alcohol took it right off. Ariel and I are still suspicious. We’ll see if he ends up going to church on Sunday with the scar still cutting across his forehead.


  1. That is awesome. Leave it to a chem major to have the "old house wife" solution to getting sharpie out!

  2. Hahaha.
    I'm suprised Luke didn't go as the "Father of Curses" himself. But Harry Potter sound pretty funny.
    Medusa, did she use those sparkly rubber snakes?

  3. Ah yes the sharpie situation! I've had MORE than my fair share. *sigh* the life of a mom...

  4. Of course I'm not going to church that way; it came off no problem. As we chemists say, "like dissolves like."

  5. The costumes were great. I particularly liked the glasses.