Monday, October 18, 2010

This Post is Not About Matthew

I’d love to do a post on how my youngest son (who is fourteen) got invited to a college dance. He wanted to know if I could drop him off and pick him back up at midnight. (Um, hello—the answer is NO!) But if I did that I might end up with strychnine in my morning coffee. So I won’t tell you about that.

Instead, I could tell you how he’s memorized tons of riddles to wow the college girls. He’s got quite the entourage. But then I might end up with arsenic in my coffee.

Or I could tell you that he narrates college night Mafia and devises gruesome deaths tailored to each victim—he has a career as a novelist in his future. And he’s got that ruggedly handsome look, which is really important to any aspiring novelist. Watch out, Rick Castle. In fact, Matthew is already....hmm, I treasure my morning coffee. Maybe I’ll just stop while I’m ahead.


  1. Are you sure this post isn't about Matthew?

  2. Hahaha sounds like you need to watch your coffee anyway. :-P

  3. The vile sabotage of coffee.. What a horrid thought.

    All the same, why wasn't I invited to the college dance?! What does Matt have that I don'?!

    Heh heh. &:)

  4. Quite an interesting guy with a facinating future ahead of him. I know you are proud. We are on our first full day at sea and the Carnival Glory is amazing and there is food everywhere. There is a huge screen on the top deck so you can watch news or movies in the fresh air and a screen inside that shows you your location at any given time with the depth of the water. The last I saw we were at almost 12,000 feet deep. A lot of water. We'll be in Nasau in the morning. Later my friend.

  5. He also says sheesh chronically and is obsessed with his pizza.

    He's got the makings of an eccentric.

  6. Haha he's still invited...and he's a great guy with an amazing future as a novelist to be sure! It's been so great getting to know all of your children!