Monday, October 25, 2010

Photos and Updates

Here's a photo of my three oldest in their costumes.  Luke was right.  Rubbing alcohol does remove Sharpie even after you've had it on for hours.

In case you've forgotten, Ariel went as Medusa--hence the snakes in her hair, Luke went as Harry Potter, and Jake was a pirate.

Here's a photo of my budding chemist on Sunday morning, grating horseradish for a sauce for the lunch roast. Luke always wears his lab goggles when he deals with horseradish or onions.  And, yes, it does keep his eyes from watering.

One final note, Luke's friend Duncan (18) is doing very well.  He's still in neuro ICU and will need surgery, but he's doing remarkably well.  We are all very thankful.  Luke, Ariel and Matt are visiting Duncan right now.  Cal, Jake, and I will visit later this afternoon.


  1. Great pictures but mostly thanks for the idea about the goggles. I have a terrible time with onions and will have to try it.

  2. Hahaha!
    Awesome costumes!
    I'm surprised Ariel wasn't Bellatrix, though. (Josh said she should have been the Little Mermaid...heh)

  3. Cool costumes. I'll definitely remember these two handy tips: rubbing alcohol for Sharpies and goggles for onions--I cried like a baby making soup for supper--thanks, Luke :-).