Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Five

I was thinking the other day about these wonderful excuses I’d once read about why someone’s homework was late. They were all written in Latin. One was, my goat ate my homework. Another, the Gauls stole my homework. My favorite, Hannibal’s elephants trampled it. I could share these with you in Latin, but I’d have to translate them myself and I’m tired. Sorry. Anyway, today’s Friday Five is your favorite missing homework excuses.

1. The Yankees were on last night. (Sorry. I had to get that it. They’ve won their first two playoff games. Woot!)

2. I got caught in a dimensional rift. (Or, I was preparing for the zombie apocalypse.)

3. I spilled soda on it. Luke actually turned in soda-soaked homework to a prof last semester. He apologized. She said not to worry. She once turned in homework that her cat peed on. Okay, then...

4. I was too busy saving the universe. My kids always use this when I tell them it’s time to get off the computer. “But mom I’m saving the universe from the Empire/Klingons/Mordor/Turks/Byzantines/Imperial Remnant/Disciples of Ragnos.”

5. All time most abused excuse. My dog ate my homework. This actually happened to Jacob. One morning we found our dog Jill contentedly munching through Jacob’s math homework.

What are your favorite excuses?


  1. 1: Sam drew on it.
    2: Nathan drew on it
    3: Sara drew on it
    4: Caleb drew on it.
    5: Dogberry stepped on it and josh threw it away.

    tis truth.

  2. Um, I think that actually was Jezebel who was eating Jacob's homework.

  3. My roommate turned into a werewolf during last night's full moon and shredded every piece of paper in our dorm.

  4. "We had homework?"
    But, yeah, saving the universe is a good one.

  5. Can't think of anything to add but certainly did enjoy the post.

  6. 1:: I was too busy saving the universe.
    2:: I used it to make this awesome paper airplane. Wanna see?
    3:: My brother ate my homework.
    4:: I'm sorry... My grandma passed away the other day. Hm? What's that? I've used this excuse before? Yeah... Well, I have five grandmothers!!
    4:: I was too busy with another piece of homework which I didn't actually do but instead used this excuse again.
    %:: What?! I have to do homework?!

    {(The runnerup excuse would probably be "It looked too looooong.")}

  7. One I'd love to try:

    "I have it right he- oh wait. *search frantically* I must have left it at home... Sorry, that's two hours away. I know. I'll print it from my flash dri - oh wait. I never backed up."

  8. 5. I spilled Hydrobromic acid on my homework and it dissolved.
    4. I ate it. It looked like my lunch. (a new twist on the old excuse might work)
    3. Nancy Pelosi stole it because I didn't pay the homework tax.
    2. Gollum stole it. (Isn't it difficult to tell those two apart?)
    1. I accidentally started a fire in the Chem labs and had to put it out before the building exploded, and thus, I couldn't do my homework.

  9. I'm saving the universe! Awesome! Love this list. Truly we've had the dog eat homework a few times too. Thank goodness the cat hasn't gotten involved yet...