Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I know I was supposed to post yesterday. But yesterday got complicated. In honor of breast cancer awareness month, I got a mammogram. Radiology groups in the area were offering low cost mammograms and since my insurance won’t cover a mammogram, I took advantage of the offer. Of course, as soon as the tech saw my mammogram she said, “Uh, we are definitely going to need your earlier mammograms.” (I’ve been told before that mine are very hard to read.) I explained to the tech that they were done several years ago (before bad insurance) out of state and I had no idea where they were. She suggested that I try very hard to find them. So I spend a chunk of time yesterday calling random radiology groups in Connecticut.

Me: Uh, hello, I need to find out if you have any mammography records of mine.

Records person: Well, Connie, we have a CT scan done in 2003, but no mammogram. (CT scan was ordered my allergist who subsequently discovered that I have no frontal sinuses, which explained why all those topical antihistamines/steroids weren’t doing a blame thing.)

Me: Oh, well thanks.

RP: Do you want the names of the other radiology groups in the area?

Me: Yeah. Less time spent on Google. (Sadly, she didn’t have the phone numbers.)

I called another radiology group and made my request.

RP: Hmm. Let’s see you had a kidney ultrasound. (The result of a doctor who thought I had kidney cancer. I explained that I had a familial kidney issue that wasn’t a concern. He didn’t agree. Lots of expensive testing later, guess what? There was nothing wrong with me. Apparently I had a very weird familial thing. Duh.)

Me: No mammogram.

RP: Nope. But here’s the phone number for a different radiology group.

Me: Thanks.

I called the group. And guess what they had it. And were delighted to send them to the new radiology group. Then I called the tech here and told her that I’d tracked them down. She was very happy.

Then I got down to the real work of the day—getting my chapters ready to send to the Meacham Writers’ workshop. This went much quicker than I thought. I just put back all the stuff I’d deleted a week earlier. My beta reader said, “Wow. This is so much better.” Lesson to self: Do not edit when you’re feeling discouraged.

I ended the day with rollerblading—I had to burn off all the excess energy. There’s nothing like the speed under your feet and the wind in your face.

Anyway, this is my post about yesterday which “was variously diversified here at home and a general mix-up-ness of condition is the consequence.”  (You gotta love those 19th century writers.)


  1. Loved this post and the 19th century quote. Definitely know the meaning of "mix-up-ness". Can't wait for the writer's workshop!

  2. Seemed a little hectic but all turned out in the end. Hope the rest of your week goes great.

  3. What a hassle! At least you finally found it. Good luck at the workshop. I'll admit. I am jealous ;)

  4. Rollerblading is fun. And painful.

  5. Where is the next post Mrs. K?!??