Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Scrooge-ish Holiday Rant

Holiday Scrooge Rant

I have so much to be thankful for. And I am. But I’m asking you to indulge me in a brief holiday rant.

1. Why are there so many more cars on the highways? After Thanksgiving, there are twice as many cars on the roads. When we drive home from somewhere, we have to take a circuitous route because there’s no way we can make the left turn into our street between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Where do the cars all come from? Are they extra cars hidden in garages? Do people have holiday cars like they have holiday sweaters? “Ooo, let’s drive the Christmas Toyota.”

2. Christmas cards. (Yeah, I can’t get over this one.) I finally finished the whole letter/photo trauma and took the photo to Costco. However, unbeknownst to me, I saved the photo onto a thumb drive that already contained 3256 photos—none of which were in folders. And there was no order to the photos. I had to literally look through 3256 photos. Once I found the right one and it were printed, I discovered that the photo guy had misaligned the photo. He printed 150 photos of the family with Jacob decapitated.

3. Pine needles. I sweep all the time.

4. Christmas crap. Yes, I’m a Scrooge. I don’t like 5 million Christmas knickknacks—can you say “dust magnets.” Ornaments and a few candles should suffice. But the kids have their ways. Besides ornaments and candles, we have a snowman nesting doll. I’m not sure what they’re for—no one takes it apart. It just stands guard on the piano. We also have a nutcracker, which doesn’t crack nuts. And a smiley snowman toilet cover—this one mystifies me the most. Besides the obvious—do you really want a cover on the toilet seat, which seems unsanitary to me—the whole idea of lifting the lid…well, you get the picture.

5. Baking. I love a celebration Christmas dinner as much as anyone, especially if it’s someone else’s house. ;) But I don’t get the baking, sweets stuff. Does having cookies, cake, etc., really make things more festive? Don’t get me wrong, I bake the obligatory double batch of Russian teacakes. But I’m not sure I’ve eaten one. In fact, I’m sure they’ve gone stale—the kids max out on sweets after the first day of having cookies. Maybe it’s because I’m not a sweets person. I’d rather have hummus and carrots. Or salt and vinegar potato chips. Hmm... That's it! They need to make red and green Christmas salt—that would be festivity I could get behind.


  1. Do yourself a favor and don't come to our house at Christmas. We do #4 to an extreme. Then when all the Christmas "crap" gets carted back to the storage shed (yes, we have a BIG shed that is stuffed full of decorations for the various holidays), then the whole house is re-decorated with snowmen for the month of January, ending with a family Snowman-Goodbye Party at the end of the month.

    Oh, and the toilet seat cover? How about adding the tissue box and tank covers/soap dispensers wherever there is a sink+shower curtain & hooks + bedspread/, you wouldn't be comfortable in our house during December and January :>)

  2. I totally feel you about the cars thing. Augh, so many cars and crowds! I hate all the crowds at the mall, at the grocery store, everywhere!

    I do like cookies though, but I don't bake myself. I'm a sweets person. :P I think baking makes things more festive in the sense that it SMELLS really good, and that just gives me a cozy feeling. :)

  3. New goal in life: to become rich enough to have a Christmas Toyota. ;)

  4. I'll go along with your salt and vinegar chips, but you don't like sweets??? Why, that's blasphemy, lady. Actually, I thought I might get by without baking cookies this year because none of the kids will be coming, but my hubby asked about them last night. Not at all subtle about it, either. (sigh) Guess I'll be baking cookies tomorrow. (But it'll be his fault if I get so broad I can't fit through the doorway!)

  5. Merry Christmas, Grinchy! LOL!!
    This post made me chuckle!

    Yes, I have a Christmas "Cruiser". Don't you? :-)

    I have to say the MOST stressful part of Christmas for me is the cards. I had no family picture this year. So I did a random mix of pics thru the year and had to Fed Ex elivery of them!

  6. This was so amusing! Have a wonderful Christmas!