Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Trip to Paris, Keeping the Secret

Years ago, my husband Calvin told me that we’d celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary in Paris. Knowing our budget, I always laughed. I shouldn’t have. In June we’ll be celebrating our 25th anniversary.

This Christmas, my Christmas gift came with a card (unusual). It said, “Merry Christmas/Happy Birthday/Happy 25th Anniversary. And don’t worry, it’s already paid for.” (Yes, he knows me well.)

It turns out that Cal’s been saving for years. And we’ll be spending 7 days and 6 nights in Paris in a cute studio apartment in the Latin Quarter. (I cried when I opened the package.)

And Cal’s kept everything hidden from me. He called in help from the kids.

He told the kids to intercept the mail at all costs. And I thought they raced me to the mailbox for fun. Seriously, I’d be halfway to the mailbox when Matt/Jake would race past me. And on the days when they didn’t realize that I’d already gotten the mail, Jacob would say, “Mom, I think there’s a really important email that just came up on your computer. You need to check it right now.” He’d take the mail from me and sort through it. After checking my computer, I’d say, “The only thing I had was spam.” With a bill or brochure hidden under his shirt, Jake would shrug and say, “Oh well.”

Then, there was the checkbook. Cal didn’t want me to see any checks or fund transfers. So in the last couple of years, all the checks I needed to write were written and handed to me by Cal before I ever needed them. I knew he was efficient, but…

And his computer is a treasure trove of Paris sites, references, and price comparisons. But I never found that either. I hate his computer. It’s a hive of imps and has a weird keyboard that always misinterprets what I type.

So now I’m looking through the guidebooks and the places he’s planned for us to visit (we like the same things—art museums, gardens, architecture). And I discovered that the Shakespeare and Company bookstore is literally around the corner—a writer/reader’s nirvana. Squee!

File:Vista desde Notre Dame.jpg
Notre Dame gargoyle's view of Paris


  1. What an amazing Christmas gift and cute story! You're going to have such a great time. Paris is absolutely gorgeous! :)

  2. Omg that's amazing and awesome! Your husband and kids rock! Thanks for sharing your story -- so happy for you! :D

  3. Oh, wow! That is absolutely awesome. (Even brought rears to MY eyes!) I'm so happy for you.

    Happy New Year! (almost)

  4. That's so exciting! Must have been such an enormous surprise--thanks for posting the story.

  5. That has got to be the most loving, most sweet anniversary present ever! You are lucky to have each other. You'd better post some pictures of Paris when the time comes!