Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Five Favorite Pre-Christmas Moments

Here are my favorite pre-Christmas moments.

1. Plugging in the Christmas tree for the first time. Made even better by the fact that I didn’t have to decorate the tree—the kids did it. Made doubly better by the electrical engineering major who dealt with the strands of light that didn’t work.

2. Giving the official “you may listen to Christmas music” pronouncement. Actually, this is my least favorite moment. By December 26, my brain and ears will be melted by carols that Matt plays nonstop on the stereo.

3. First mug of hot spiced cider. Matthew has his own special recipe that he makes during the holidays. All I have to do is buy the cider.

4. Watching “A Dog’s Life, Merry Gentlemen” from All Creatures Great & Small, series two.  My kids are tired of it—I watch it every year. The skeleton scene gives me the giggles every time.

5. Finishing the Christmas cards. When Cal and I were first married, we agreed that he’d balance the checkbook and I’d do all the Christmas cards. Eleven months out of the year, I think that I got the bargain. But in December, I know he did. Today I have to remind the kids that we haven’t done our picture yet…

 If you hear screaming carried on the breeze today, it’s my kids protesting the Christmas photo.

What are your favorite pre-Christmas moments?


  1. Definitely doing the tree. Can't wait to write a post about this year's one on my blog. :-D

  2. Listening to the first Christmas CD. This year I splurged and bought myself Handel's Messiah, and it's been perfect. Just the antidote to all the carols that drive me nuts after a few times hearing them!

    I turned rebellious this year and I am refusing to do Christmas cards. I pulled out a few sheets of paper, folded them in half, wrote "Merry Christmas" on them, and turned them over to the kids to color. Those are going to the grandparents and great-grandparents - everyone else is going to have to be satisfied with Facebook photos. Freedom!