Monday, August 10, 2009

The Wife of Poseidon

The kids and I have always noticed how comfortable Calvin is in the water. And not just comfortable, but completely at home. For example, he’s been a certified lifeguard on and off for 30 years, he can swim for miles never breaking perfect form, and the waves seem to listen to him, carrying him in their froth to wherever he wants to be.

The kids and I decided that Cal must be either: Aqua man, Poseidon, or the last remaining survivor of Atlantis. But, it wasn’t until this vacation that we discovered the truth. Our photographer friend caught this picture of Calvin emerging from the surf at the summons of his wife and daughter.

If this isn’t Poseidon, then I don’t know my Greek gods. The fact that he wears Hawaiian swim trunks with hibiscuses printed on them confirms it—not to mention his plaid Bermuda shorts. (Check out Percy Jackson and the Olympians for the identifying descriptions that clinch it.)

Assuming that Cal is Poseidon, then our children are demi-gods. This means I can give them Odysseus-worthy epic quests (e.g., help your brother find his missing sock before we leave) and Herculean tasks (e.g., pack all these suitcases into the back of the van, making sure to leave enough room that we can see out the back through the rear-view mirror). Yep, I could get used to being the wife of Poseidon and having a horde of demi-gods as my minions.

(Thanks to Rebekah for all the vacation photos.)


  1. So Mr. Keller is not only a Secret Spy for the government*, but also Poseidon? Wow... I never knew.


  2. Calvin was always a bit different...hmm...

  3. So I guess that would make you the Oracle of Delphi, since you are the one assigning the aforementioned heroic quests.