Monday, August 3, 2009

Top Ten Reasons You Know You Have a Daughter in the House

1. Your dog has silver/purple/red toenails.

2. One of your bathrooms is never empty—how many times a day can you fix your hair?

3. You (mom/wife) have someone who always takes your side in an argument.

4. You hear the words, “You’re not wearing that, are you!?”

5. As opposed to piles of dirty clothes (boys), you have piles of clean clothes everywhere as outfits were discarded because they just weren’t working.

6. You have a second person in the house who believes that chocolate is a food group.

7. You have someone who will watch Pride & Prejudice/The Lake House/Sabrina with you for the 31st time.

8. Someone says, “Oh-my-gosh, look at that cute stuffed pig!”

9. She’ll buy the latest Gallagher girls book with her birthday money so you don’t have to wait for the library to get it. (Though you do have to wait for her to finish reading it before you can start, but she’ll read it in a day so it’s all good.)

10. Someone who knows that when you cry, you just want someone to give you a hug…even if you’re crying for no discernable reason. (Boys have a hard time with that last bit.)


  1. I decided a while ago to only have daughters when I get married. It just sounds more calm that way. Heh heh.

    By the way, how was this posted? Didn't you guys leave on a vacation earlier this morning?

  2. My dad and mom have a friend who says that God gives daughters to those who need them.

    He had one.
    My parents had 3.

  3. I don't know if #5 is totally accurate because the girls leave tons of dirty laundry laying about and I still have yet to see one discarded outfit.