Friday, October 25, 2013

Holiday Curmudgeon

I’m not much into holidays (even birthdays, to be honest). Mostly they just seem like opportunities to make us spend money or dirty my house. For example, I could live without pine needles all over the floor and trying to remember who put the angel on the top of the tree last year. Or kids hyped up on soda, ice cream and cake. Although teenage parties are easier—“Here’s cake and soda, have fun playing Munchkin.” (Aren’t you glad I’m not your mom?)

This year, Matt wanted to make a Jack-o-lantern. I said, “Okay.” After all, he’s seventeen, which means I don’t have to deal with any of the squishy mess. So when I was at WalMart, I decided to get a pumpkin. Except they were $8! There’s no way I’m spending eight bucks on something you can’t even eat. I told Matt, “Sorry, Dude.”

Then the other day, I spotted a pumpkin for $4. I bought it. Last night, Matt carved it.

Now I’m roasting the seeds with garlic and salt. And the guinea pigs get treats from the chunks of eyes and mouth that were left over. They think that I’m their fairy godmother. And Matt thinks I’m an okay mom. Four dollars well spent.


  1. Spoken almost like a true frugal Yankee. We have four sitting on our steps that will be carved by four "children" on Sunday. I will post pics for YOU to enjoy!

  2. When we'd have pumpkins, the day after Halloween I'd cut it all into pieces, take the skin off, throw the chunks into a processor, then freeze it for pies and breads. Yummy...maybe we'll have to go buy a pumpkin :>)

  3. I just a bought pumpkins--they're small and were 2 for $6. But I read somewhere that there was some sort of problem with pumpkin patches this season and as a result there is a shortage, which is why the prices are so ridiculous.

    I didn't know guinea pigs like pumpkin! Will try it!