Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Check Out Node and Variable! And Vote!

Check this out!

This summer my daughter Ariel worked for a start-up company called Variable. She worked on a product called the Node.
slide 3
Here's a Node. Photo from Variable's website.

 "The Node Wireless Sensor Platform, when connected to an iOS or Android device, can act as an in-home scientific sensor to monitor weather, track movement, or perform any one of a number of real-world experiments. When hooked up to a phone via bluetooth, customers are able to measure almost anything, from matching paint on a wall with an exact brand at the store, to detecting whether competitors in the kettle bell lifting sport are cheating." (Chattanooga Times Free Press, 10/22/13)

This morning, I found out that Variable is going head-to-head with another company on a reality show. The company that wins "Get on the Shelf" (produced by the crew that did the Shark Tank) would have their product carried at Walmart.com. 

BTW, this summer Ariel brought Node home while she worked on it, and it is very, very cool. (I wanted one, and I'm not a tech-needy person.)

The coolest thing, is that anyone can vote on the product, and the winner gets placement!! If you're interested here's a link to the Chattanooga Times Free Press that gives all the details.