Monday, October 21, 2013

A Writer's and Mathematician's Weekend

Last Friday, my husband was having a couple of days of meetings in the same city where my daughter lives, so I went along.

But since Ariel is preparing for her first grad school exam, I brought a lot of my own work. So we sat on the couch, each on opposite sides and worked side-by-side, sharing an afghan because the weather turned cold.

We took occasional breaks. She told me about her proof on Sylow subgroups and asked my opinion. (Which was fun since I don’t really understand them, but I gave her my opinion anyway.) Later, she showed me her proof and I oooed and ahhed over the pages of squiggles.

Then, she listened to me talk about diachronic elements in historical fiction. (I’ve been reading and listening to lectures for my MOOC class--for more on this check tomorrow's post at my Screwing Up Time blog.) And I finished the first draft of my latest lit fic WIP, which she oooed and ahhhed over.

And we ate. I clearly transmitted the European “we feed those we love” gene to her. I had some incredible chicken-mushroom soup for lunch, a snack of frozen yogurt (which has come a long way since I had it in the 80s), then she made an amazing Cajun linguine for dinner and we had mint Klondike bars for dessert. YUM.

I have to try one of these Writer/Mathematician’s Weekends again. Very productive and very fun.

Here's the linguine.

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