Friday, August 31, 2012

Shy Writers and Big Girl Panties

Yesterday, I emailed a group that reviews books, asking them to consider reviewing Screwing Up Time. I’ve known about the group for a long time. I’d had them bookmarked for almost as long. But I never asked for a review. Not until I asked myself “why.”

Or a better question would be “why not.” Here’s my dialogue with myself:

Bold me: Why not ask for a review?

Shy me: Uh, I’m an introvert by nature. The idea of drawing attention to myself is anathema.

Bold me: As a writer, whether self or traditionally published, you don’t have that option anymore. Next excuse.

Shy me: What if they hate my book?

Bold me: The book has some great reviews. It was an ABNA quarterfinalist and a Publisher Weekly reviewer liked it.

Shy me: Someone might still hate it.

Bold me: So? Suck it up, girl.

Shy me: They might never even look at it. They have so many other books. They only review books they’re interested in.

Bold me: And your point is….

Shy me: I don’t know.

Bold me: Honey, “put on your big girl panties” and send that email. (You gotta love those Southern phrases.)

Shy me: Okay, I’m emailing right now.

BTW, if you'd like to find out the title for the sequel to Screwing Up Timeclick here to find a game that gives you the answer


  1. YES!! But your big girl panties on! LOL!
    I liked too!!

  2. Aww, love this inner dialogue! And go you for being brave and doing it! I love the idea for your title review for the sequel, by the way. :)

  3. Awesome point--if I'm going to be a writer, I have to get over my reticence to put myself out there!

  4. Good for you! Look on the bright side. Just think how much easier it was to ask via email than if you had to go knock on somebody's door and ask face-to-face. Happy weekend.