Friday, December 31, 2010


Yesterday we visited Hampton, a National Historic Site, that is part of the National Park Service (which makes it cooler because it’s free).

Hampton was a Georgian estate/plantation built just after the Revolutionary War and owned by the builder’s descendents through World War 2. At which point it was purchased, restored, and given to the Park Service.  Each room in the house is decorated with original antiques from ne of the time periods during which the house existed.

Here are some photos.  One caveat: the photos don’t do the estate justice. There was no way to take in the opulent grandeur. Nor was I able to take photos of the slave quarters and indentured servants housing that kept the estate flush with money and labor.

Here are Cal and I in front of one of the main doors.  It's hard to see but there's leaded painted glass in the window above our head.
 Here's the music room.  Note the harp. There was also an exquisite antique Steinway piano and wooden flute.
 Here's part of the bell system.  Each bell had a different tone and let the servants know where in the mansion they were needed.
Here's Matt in the stairway to the ice cellar. It went down thirty feet.  In the winter they'd fill a 30 foot deep brick lined well with ice so that in the summer the "family" and their guests could have ice cream and iced drinks.


  1. Cool! Did they let Ariel play the piano? Hmm, that may have just been a Tryon family thing.

  2. Great pictures Connie. Seems a real interesting place for sure.

  3. I was hoping they would lock Matthew in the ice pit until he froze solid, no such luck.

  4. Oooh!! Looks like awesome fun!! I hope you're all enjoying yourselves!!