Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Five

It's almost Christmas time.  Yay!   In light of that, what are your five favorite holiday foods?

Here are mine.

1. Country ham (A completely smoked ham--i.e., doesn't need to be refrigerated--that has to be soaked for three days and boiled for eight hours and then baked in a crust).

2. Fruitcake

3. Advocaat (My mother is from the Netherlands, and it's a Dutch drink.)

4. Raclette (This is a Swiss/French New Years tradition.  My aunt and uncle are Swiss. Raclette involves really good cheese, melted in a special pan and poured over potatoes, meat, onions, pickles, etc.)

5. Coconut-rum pie.  Very Yummy.


  1. Hmmmmmmmmm. . .
    1. Eggnog, Straight No Chaser style
    2. Country Ham
    3. Duck
    4. Fruitcake
    5. Advocaat

  2. This is a tough call, because there is just too much good food during the holiday season!
    1. My dad's grilled tri-tip
    2. Buttercake
    3. My gramma's Christmas cookies
    4. Pork
    5. Any dessert made by members of my family. :) I just can't choose!

  3. 1. Bratzilli (sp?) a Swiss cookie that is very thin and is made in traditional molds (including the Swiss flag). The batter has lots of butter and lemon zest. My sister holds the family heirloom cast and baking iron.

    2. I too care for fruitcake. I take umbrage at those who joke about doorstops, statues and cannon ball.

    3. Pfeffernisse, the German spice cookie.

    4. A good Virginia ham.

    5. Persimmon pudding.

  4. 1. Ball cookies- peanutbutter balls, spice balls, and Mexican wedding cookies. What we make depends on what mood my mom and I are in!
    2. Big ol' honey glazed ham
    3. Grandma's baked apples
    4. Sparkling cider
    5. Starbucks peppermint mocha

  5. Rachel-
    Starbucks peppermint bliss.

  6. Ah!! You should've done Friday Five Christmas Traditions; we do more randomly random stuff during the holiday than we do eat randomly random foods.

    Not that we don't eat a lot during the Christmas Season. We actually eat way too much.

    1. Chocolate Chip Cookies (We always have christmas cookies. Always.)
    2. Beef Stroganoff (It's your Christmas Dinner, and I love it a bit too much.)
    3. Eggnog//Hot Cocoa (It depends on the mood of the holiday.)
    4. Smoked Ham (Nuff' Said.)
    5. Candycanes (As long as your careful and you don't get all sticky.)