Friday, December 3, 2010

Birthday Torte

 Today my oldest turns twenty.  How can he be twenty? I still feel twenty inside.  My outside doesn’t look twenty though. Hmm.  

Oh, well, the good news is that we get to eat chocolate torte. Everyone in the family gets chocolate torte for their birthday because:

1. It’s delicious. Of course, given that it’s made of butter, sugar, eggs, chocolate, and more chocolate, it would be hard to make it taste bad.

2. It’s gluten-free so I don’t have to make something different for Matt to eat. Not making two sets of food is so important to me that I don’t mind the fact that making the torte is the baking equivalent of the Ten Labors of Hercules. Melt the chocolate without burning it. Heat and chill a sugar syrup without crystallizing the sugar. Add beaten eggs to hot chocolate without having the eggs cook. Swathe a springform pan in plastic wrap and foil so that the water bath doesn’t melt the torte into a watery brown slop. (Aren’t you eager to make one?)

3. It lasts for days, theoretically. The torte is so rich and dense that I cut only thick slivers for pieces, which is perfect size for a chocolate fix. However, the kids are serious addicts and have discovered that if you wait about thirty minutes, you can eat another thick sliver. And thirty minutes after that, another. The torte doesn’t last long. But don’t worry, I’ll eat a piece for you.


  1. Oh thank you so much for being kind enough to eat a piece for me. You had my mouth watering just thinking about it. Have fun and hope your weekend is wonderful

  2. Ha! Eat two for me! No, I won't be making that any time soon, but I'm impressed that you make it so often.

  3. Ooooooh. I remember the torture torte...It was very much worth the effort!

  4. Your torte is absolutely delicious. Just always have tons of milk when you eat it!! It's very rich!!

  5. Yes, I am now twenty, I now feel like I have reams of wisdom inside me, waiting to come forth.