Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Before vacation, my parents’ miniature schnauzer Skia came to spend the night because Cal was taking Skia and Jezebel to “Camp Edna’s for Dogs.” Skia thinks Jezebel is a demonic creature escaped from the nether regions. Jezebel thinks Skia is a mutant rat with pretensions of dog-ness. We’ve tried to negotiate a truce between the animals, but they are intractable. Skia barks and growls even though her whole body is trembling so badly that her nails are clacking on the floor. Jezebel, on the other hand, bends down so Skia can see her bared teeth and snarly muzzle. Jezebel can’t figure out why Skia won’t acknowledge her obvious dog superiority and make obeisance. Skia wonders why no one has driven a stake into Jezebel.

When Cal dropped the dogs at Camp Edna’s, the retired police officer who runs the place told Cal that he can keep dogs from the same household together and asked if we wanted Skia and Jezebel to be roommates. Cellmates seemed more accurate. But the truth is that they both need solitary confinement. That and maybe a dose of chloroform.


  1. Oh dear. But at least Ariel won't be chewed on during the vacation.

    Grace Duke

  2. Yeah, I was wondering where Jezebel was going to be kept during the vacation...

  3. Jezebel seems to be more amused by Skia than offended; Jezebel has also never met a miniature schnauzer that actually liked her because Jezebel challenges the dog's self-worth. Then the said miniature schnauzers make up by being agressive.