Monday, January 12, 2009

Smells like...

Our latest news is that the sewer line backed up. It's enough to say that day old ham and bean soup that backs up onto the laundry floor smells exactly like vomit. And since people either loved the drain picture or hated it, I won't post any pictures of the laundry room floor.

The plumber came with his power snake (I laid on the couch since I woke up with a nasty cold) and cleaned out the line. Apparently there was a blockage where the kitchen line and the laundry line come together. Now, thankfully, everything's runny smoothly.

In my heart, however, I can't help but suspect that somehow this must be related to the basement fiasco. BTW, the basement's empty just damp. And the heater is functioning again, to the tune of over $500. The heater repairman told us, after he replaced the circuit board, that the air conditioning system of which the heater is part will have to be replaced this spring. Lovely. I'm telling myself that the cattle on a 1,000 hills belong to the Lord. I wonder if I can exchange a cow for an air conditioning system...

This picture has nothing to do with my blog topic. But, it's lovely, and I feel I need to make up for the drain photo. :-) This is a picture of Ariel wearing a beautiful costume that she sewed during the Christmas holidays--the back is gorgeous too with a gold cording lace-up from the hips to the neck.


  1.'s too bad you made that comment about the picture having nothing to do with our smelly laundry room, because when I saw that title and that picture, I was quite enthusiastically prepared to question the flow of ideas :)

    I agree: you totally owe all of your faithful readers after "the drain picture." :P


  2. "Now, thankfully, everything's runny smoothly." You really do have a bad cold. Get well soon.

    BTW, I got the same idea as Ariel. I figured I'd post and say something impudent like: "EW! That laundry room floor really is gross! No wait that's Ariel in her dress! LOL!"
    I have a pretty poor sense of humor.

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