Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hey, Noah, we may need an ark!

So much for the drought. We now have way too much water.

In fact, we have so much that the city storm drains can't handle it. Water fountains up and out of the man hole covers in the middle of the street. And guess where the water goes when it can't get out through the storm drain. That's right, into our basement. At about 4pm we had 4inches in the basement. Now at 6, we have 12 to 14 inches and rising. Cal and I found plastic bins floating in the basement. Paint cans bob up and down like sailboats. A lot of the bins have been safely relocated to the laundry room along with Sam's Club versions of toilet paper and paper towels. The only concern at this point (beyond the need for an ark) is that the water doesn't short out the heater and blow out the electrical.

Matt and Jake think the whole thing is cool. Jacob says, "It's like a scene out of U571." Whereas, others wonder if it can be turned into a massive hot tub.

Enjoy the pictures.

p.s. It's supposed to rain tomorrow too. ugh.


  1. Hohoho! What would you do without electricity?

  2. Your version of a destination getaway on the shoreline somewhere in TN? And you're smiling!

  3. Oh my! You can actually have a smile on your faces for the photo?

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