Friday, June 20, 2014

Will Write for Books

The other day, I got an email from Publisher’s Weekly and Crown Publishing (a division of Random House) asking me to join their “Blogging for Books” program. At first I was suspicious. There had to be a catch. A major publishing periodical and publishing house were willing to give me free books in exchange for an honest review? I scoured the program, looking for a catch. And I couldn’t find one. They really wanted to give me free books in exchange for honest reviews. What’s more, I could choose the books I wanted to read in either hardback or e-copy. And after I write and post my reviews on their site, I can request a new book. Pinch me, this is a dream come true.

After registering, I went through the list of books in genres that I’m interested in. I chose fiction in the young adult, literary, mystery, women’s, and suspense genres. My first book is The Accident by Chris Pavone. It’s a suspense novel set in Copenhagen and Zurich and the main characters are a writer, literary agent, and a CIA operative. Yep, it’s literary crack. And I'm addicted.

I should have the book in seven days since I opted for the hardcover. And when I review the books, I'll be sharing it on this blog too.

Blogging For Books


  1. So awesome that it was "catch-free". And it sounds as if you made good choices. Have a great weekend :-)

  2. Very cool! I know there are several similar programs in place, but to get an honest-to-goodness invitation to participate in one is beyond fantastic. So far, the only similar thing I do is win a boatload of books through Goodreads giveaways. The more reviews I write, the more books I win, so I make sure I only enter into the drawings for books I'm genuinely interested in reading.

    Happy weekend!

  3. Hi, Connie. I got a similar note from them, but I already write reviews for two other organizations. This book sounds really interesting. I'll be interested in reading your review.

  4. That sounds like a great program! It's awesome that there are so many opportunities for bloggers to get free books.

  5. That's really cool! It's fun to get books to read and review. :)