Friday, June 6, 2014

Screwing Up Alexandria!

Screwing Up Alexandria is here! Click here to buy it.

Book three of the Screwing Up Time series is now live on Amazon. It went live late Wednesday night—two hours after I uploaded it, which was amazing.

Even more amazing, yesterday a writing friend emailed me a screen shot and said, “Have you seen this?” I hadn’t. Screwing Up Alexandria was #1 in sales in one of its categories.

I’m excited to see how sales go today.

Here’s the cover art and book blurb.

Time traveling has never brought Mark Montgomery anything but grief. And then, things get worse.

When Mark comes home from Babylon with a coded tablet, he never dreams someone would be willing to kill to get it. But they are.  So Mark and Miranda kidnap an ancient cryptographer named Nin and take her to the Library of Alexandria to decipher it.

The search for the truth of the tablet takes all of them to the most dangerous time on earth. And when Nin ends up on an altar surrounded by blood-thirsty crowds, only Mark can save her. And he's blind.

Also, A. B. Keuser interviewed me about Screwing Up Alexandria. Read the interview here.


  1. Wooow, congrats!! Happy book release!

  2. Woo HOO! Number one! That's nothing to sneeze at. Congratulations. I hope sales continue to be terrific for you.

    My Kindle has been freezing up on me lately, so I haven't finished reading your book yet. Should finish it tonight, though!