Friday, June 13, 2014

How Much Money Can You Pay for an Ugly House?

On Saturday mornings, my husband and I have a tradition. We go to the Wall Street Journal online and check out the real estate section, especially the “House of the Week” section. Some of the houses are beautiful. Some…not so much.

Occasionally, a real loser will pop up. And I say, “Look, honey, if we had fifteen million dollars, we could buy a horrifically ugly home.” He says, “We could always sell it.” I say, “But really, who would buy it? And then, we’d have to pay taxes on the affront to architecture and good taste.”

Then, we drink our coffee and look at the next house.  And I smile and think, “Ah, what a blessing to have a house that costs only 1% of the overpriced piece of junk. And ours is cute to boot.

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