Monday, April 14, 2014

Five Things I've Learned

In the last six months, I’ve spent a lot of time in doctor’s offices and hospitals. Here’s what I’ve learned.

1. Bring a snack. Bring your patience. And bring a Kindle full of books. Our longest wait was 90 minutes past the appointment time. And then, the insurance billed for an extra-long appointment when we only saw the doctor for 10 minutes max.

2. Layers of clothing. Some rooms are sweltering. Others are icy. One nurse greeted us with blankets and said, “It’s freezing down here and we have no control over the thermostat.” I was thankful I wasn’t the one in a cotton gown.

3. Go to graduate school in math. All the doctors oooh and aaah when they find a patient doing math in grad school—they treat you like they are caring for a brain trust. No one cares when you have a degree in English.

4. University Hospital Parking. Don’t bother looking for a space in level one or two or even six—it’s not worth the time. Head straight for the roof. Be patient with people in front of you who haven’t learned this rule and so waste fifteen minutes meandering through the parking structure while a line of ten cars stretches out behind them. (Also find out who’s the architect for these things and demand that they make it possible to jet straight to the top.)

5. Maintain a well-controlled sense of humor. The doctors and nurses aren’t out to get you—that’s the insurance company’s job. And when you call the insurance company and talk to a rep who says, “I’m so sorry. But I want you to know that we aren’t evil,” don’t laugh.

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  1. Lol about telling them you're a maths postgrad.

    I'd probably tell them I'm a law student just so they're careful around me.

    I so agree with the layers of clothing bit. Why don't hospitals have controlled temperatures?

  2. Kamille,

    My daughter is actually the maths graduate student. I've never thought of misrepresenting myself. But now that you mention it...;)

  3. We've developed a mantra as we sit in the waiting area: "All this and heaven too!"

  4. I would laugh when they tell me they're not evil. . . 'cause they ARE.

  5. Oh man, the trials and tribulations of going to the doctor's! Hope you're doing well and that you don't have any more long wait-room visits in the future!

  6. How odd. I used to study Actuarial Sciences and no one seemed to care all that much. Maybe because no one knows what it is. :-D

  7. Lol. I am with you when it comes to layers. You never know the temp and I hate being to hot or cold. If I have layers, at least I can add or take off.