Monday, March 24, 2014

All You Need Is A Can Of Spray Paint

First of all, I want to say thank you to everyone who picked up a free copy of Screwing Up Babylon. The giveaway blew my socks off. I nearly tripled my expectations. Thanks! Also note, I've now got a Mail Chimp sign up, so if you want to know when Screwing Up Alexandria is available or when I'm having another giveaway, sign up.

As you may know when I'm burned out on writing, I garden. (I also clean house, but that's not nearly as fun.) Saturday I did some "new porch gardening."

Before the new porch, we had some really ugly flowerpots (dead pink colored) that I filled with flowers during the summer. But I couldn't bear the thought of putting the flowerpots back on the porch. I thought about throwing the old ones out and buying new ones, but pots are expensive. So I bought a can of spray paint.

Here is the before. (Okay, not exactly before. It's in process. But you can see they were a dead pink color.)

Here is the after. (WalMart had geraniums on sale cheap. And I read how to over-winter geraniums by making them go dormant, so these hopefully should be the last geraniums I'll ever buy. Squee!)

The color of these photos isn't quite spot on, but you get the idea.
(Yeah, the porch still needs to be painted.)

So much better than dead pink!


  1. Wow. It is amazing what a difference a pop of color can make. I love how the pot matches the flowers. The whole arrangement is just stunning.

  2. Lovely! That bit of color really brings the porch to life. :-)