Monday, January 7, 2013

A Crappy Purple Scion

I thought we were going to get through the holidays without any sickness. We were within four days of the kids going back to classes, and no one had gotten sick. Then, the plague hit. Quickly. 5 out of 6 were hit. Only Matthew stayed healthy—he actually walked around with a huge bottle of Lysol, spraying everything before he touched it. It got so bad we could all taste Lysol in the air. Ugh.

Some of us were so sick that we argued with our mother about whether we could just sleep on the floor of the bathroom. Theoretically, it was possible, but then others would have to crawl over said person.

Thankfully, the worst is over. Though some of us (me) feel as weak as a newborn puppy. When I woke up this morning my husband leaned over and said, “Do you feel like you’ve been run over by a crappy purple Scion?” I laughed. There’s nothing like a laugh to start the day right.

And if you aren’t familiar with the quote “a crappy purple Scion,” here’s the music video of “50 Ways to Say Good-bye" by Train.

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  1. That flu unfortunately hit us Christmas Eve and Day, it's amazing how drained you feel.