Friday, January 4, 2013

5 Reasons I Hate Southern Winters

One caveat. Before I dump on Southern winters, let me say, that Southern springs are amazing. They start the end of February when my first flowers start blooming and end in May when the weather turns hellaciously hot.

But the winters. I hate them because…

1. Really cold and no snow. I mean, what’s the point of that? If I’m going to deal with 20 degrees, I want pretty, white stuff in the air and on the ground.

2. Mud. Whenever moisture does come, it’s always tropical. So it heats up to 40, makes everything a giant mud pit and then freezes again.

3. Our dog steals heat. (Okay, this isn’t so much the South’s fault. But out dog was bred here.) Our Lab Jezebel lies on the heater vents. And she’s a black Lab! She has otter fur. She’s supposed to scoff at the cold. Instead, she nudges away anyone sitting by the heat dish.

4. Weeds. None of my weeds are dying. In New England, I could trust that Old Man Winter would suck the life from the autumn weeds. Here, my weeds are merrily growing. I don’t want to weed in January!!!

5. No blizzards. Seriously. When you have a blizzard, you can ignore all the plans for the day, put a fire in the fireplace, and drink hot chocolate.

One the other hand, it’s January and in six to eight weeks my flowers will be blooming. So what’s a little mud?

What do you hate about winter where you are?

File:Helleborus Orientalis Lenten Rose.jpg
My hellebores will bloom first. Sadly, I couldn't post my own photos because my stupid computer is not cooperating. So this photo is copyright, courtesy of wikimedia commons.


  1. The only thing I hate about northern winters is when they aren't wintery enough. For the last few years, we've had days of mild, spring-like weather followed immediately by days of freezing, snow-less weather, and then back to mild. The worst!

    This year is so far properly snowy and just the right amount of cold. Some days you don't go outside, some days you do, and there's always snow to play in when you are out there! I'm hoping it lasts.

  2. I dont' know anything about southern winters, so now I'm educated. I'll stick to my midwest ones. They're awfully cold, but it's better than mud!

  3. Mud. YUCK.

    I hate being cold. At least give some snow and REASON to be cold.
    We have yet to see any. :(

  4. I like our weather here in Georgia most of the time. Not a fan of ice storms, but (knock on wood) we haven't had one in quite a long time. We rarely have snow, but when we do, it is pure magic. Even I have to run outside and make a quick snowman before the temperature rises and the snow disappears. I can take the winters here much more easily than the HOT summers.

  5. the hubs and I are thinking about moving to the mountainous regions of France for just this reason. The parisian suburb landscape is mostly grey grey grey and rainy about 90% of the year. I miss snow. I miss real seasons:(