Friday, November 9, 2012

Web Spiders and Louboutin

Over the last month, I’ve been getting a truck load of blog spam. I know, I know, I could add a word verification. But I really hate those. When I see the random combo of numbers and letters, my brain turns the random assortment into real words. “Nmrado” becomes “random” when I type it in. (Yes, this is a great skill in Scrabble and Boggle. Not so much otherwise.) I’ve been known to get an “incorrect” so many times that I thought the system was rigged against me. Now I type those things in with only an index finger so my brain can’t fix it.

The odd thing is that the blog spam comments are only on one blog post. Now I’m sure there’s a sophisticated computer-tech reason that would explain it. Like the HTML code has an embedded 404 compiler error. (Yeah, that probably makes no sense. But I think imps run computers with their evil black magic anyway, which is why the computer always crashes before I remember to save my document on days when I’ve made impressive progress on my novel.)

Anyway, the real reason the post is spammed is that it’s titled “Bob the Criminal Strikes Again.” And the topic of the post was identity theft—someone (Bob the Criminal) filed a fake tax return under my husband’s social security number and tried to get our money. (BTW, the government still hasn’t fixed the problem. But that’s another story.)

So I believe that some criminal syndicate has an evil web crawler (known as web spiders—I love bugs— though not mosquitos or cockroaches, which are pure evil disguised as bugs) searching the web for vulnerable people. And the spider added my blog post because it decided than people who’ve been victims of identity theft are more likely to buy knock off Christian Louboutin shoes or Coach bags because they’ve had their funds sucked dry. But here’s the thing. I really don’t want to wear knock offs of $3000 shoes. (Are the real ones comfortable? Or made out of gold?)

Okay, I just Googled a pair of $3000 suede crystal encrusted open-toed pumps. And I was all prepared to hate them. But, um, they’re really pretty.

Maybe those spiders know what they’re doing after all.  (They're from the Neiman-Marcus website.)


  1. Boo to spam, and I feel you on the word verification! They didn't bother me THAT much before but they're like IMPOSSIBLE to read now! -__-

    As for the shoes, I think $3000 is excessive too, but then when you see them, you're like ....okay fine I guess my $30 shoes don't look like that. That said, I'm also a shoe monster, so they are my weak point and I will splurge on them (though not $3000 because I certainly don't have that much spare change lying around!).

  2. I see SPAM on certain days too but I've never noticed any coorelation between what I'm talking about that day.
    Maybe I should...
    Can u imagine wearing shoes that cost that much? What if you step in gum? LOL

  3. The number of spam comments I was getting skyrocketed recently. Something like 75 of them over three days. For me, it was an easy (I hope) fix. I changed the settings for who could post. Used to be, anonymous comments were permitted. Not any more. And since I changed it, not a single piece of spam. (knock on wood) Oh, and NO shoes are worth three thousand dollars. I mean, suppose they hurt your feet??? After blowing that much money on them, aren't you then obligated to wear them? Every day? Even when you're carrying out the trash?