Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Five

Here’s a peak into our home—five statements that Kellers made this week.

1. Ariel was complaining about a proof for Modern Algebra. Luke told her, “Next semester take Post-Modern Algebra, and you won’t have to write any proofs.”

2. This election is the first time Jacob will vote. So he’s been avidly watching political pundits and quoting them to us. “Candidate X will steal your money, burn your house, and kill your cat. I’m Candidate Y, and I approve this message.”

3. I was singing along to a song in the car. Luke said to me, “That’s a heinous song.” I said, “No, it’s not. It’s about the transitory-ness of life and enjoying the one you love. Death could be around the corner.” Luke said, “Uh, Mom, the song’s about a one-night stand.” Me, “Oh…now you’ve ruined it for me.”

4. Matt’s learning to drive. “Wouldn’t it be cool if they made semi-automatic cars? Then you’d be able to change gears without using a clutch.”

5. “Life is like a melon. The question is whether you’re the fleshy part or the rind.” I’m not sure what this is supposed to mean, but it’s the kind of thing Matt says as walks through the house.


Image from Wikimedia


  1. Maybe the whole melon-and-the-rind is a rephrased version of the wheat-and-the-chaff?

  2. One of our employees says her mom drives a semi-automatic clutch. She pushes on the gear shifting lever to change gears (up or down) but doesn't have to use her foot for the clutch.

    Never heard of a car like this, but I wonder what sort of gas mileage it actually gets compared to a full automatic.

  3. I like songs without words, because then I don't have to worry about the often "heinous" meanings behind the song. :>

  4. I like songs without words, because then I don't have to worry about the often "heinous" meanings behind the song. :>

  5. Rind people are shallow and all consumed with appearances, while the fleshy ones have tasty depth.

    I used to drive my Crosley without it's clutch by listening carefully to the whine of the engine. At the right pitch the gears shift quite smoothly. Maybe that was just for Crosleys.

  6. Oh dear me. I nearly fell out of my seat laughing. Especially with the "Post-Modern Algebra"--I swear I've done post-modern proofs in my life.

  7. Maybe the rind represents callous, uncaring people and the fleshy part is people who are delicious to be around? (Not in a cannibalistic way, of course.)

  8. I do quite enjoy doing proofs--for modern algebra or otherwise. But that particular one was eluding me and I couldn't help grumbling. The notion of post-modern algebra is pretty amusing. It sounds kind of terrifying, like some weird english-math hybrid class.

    Oh, and I've heard Matthew say the melon thing before. It's random, but funny.