Wednesday, June 27, 2012

24th Anniversary

On Monday, my husband and I celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary. So we went on an overnight trip to the Biltmore estate. It was fantastic. The house, billed as the largest house in America, was stunning. The history was romantic. And the staff was well versed in Southern hospitality.

Sadly, they didn't allow you to take photos inside the house. (500 year old tapestries don't hold up well to flash photography. Plus, they can sell you a book of photos book later.) I do have some pictures from the outside and the gardens. But Cal and I discovered that without the kids, it's not as fun taking photos. We just had to keep taking pictures of each other. It was better when we could say, "Luke/Ariel/Jake/Matt stand over there and let me take your picture."

Here are the photos.

The Biltmore estate main entrance. 

I think that the lion is protecting me. Cal says that he's getting ready for lunch.

This is the main entrance. At the top corners are gargoyles.

Lily ponds.

On the loggia, overlooking the forest behind the house. Interestingly, the area was completely denuded when George Vanderbuilt built the house. He and Frederick Law Olmstedt planned and planted the forest that's there now. It was the beginning of forestry in the US.

I love architectural details. I won't bore you with all the gargoyle, downspout, and carving photos. But I thought I'd share just one.


  1. He is definitely trying to eat you. It's what lions do.

  2. Happy anniversary! I've always wanted to go to the Biltmore. Looks like you some gorgeous weather for it!

  3. Happy anniversary! I've always wanted to go to the Biltmore. Looks like you had some gorgeous weather for it!

  4. Was the rose garden in full bloom? We just missed rose season when we were there eight years ago, and ever since I've dreamed of going back when they were in blossom.

    I love reading about the history of conservation and forestry in this country. Pretty fascinating stuff, actually!

  5. Biltmore is stunning! I love the detail in the last pic. :-)

  6. Gorgeous pictures. I've only seen the Biltmore from the distance as we drive past. Will have to get a little more up close and personal someday. I hope you guys had a super anniversary.

  7. Happy anniversary! You look lovely. Great photos!

  8. Happy anniversary!

    What a cool trip! I would love to visit the Biltmore. I remember reading up on it and looking pictures a while back for something or other (I can't remember what) and thinking it'd be nice to visit. It's gorgeous!

    Love the pic of you and the lion. I don't know if it's thinking of eating you, but it does look somewhat confused - like Who is this lady and why is she standing next to me?