Friday, June 22, 2012

I Am Offended. Except Not.

At our house, the folding of laundry is a job of the minions. And I’ll say first off that the chore is not spread out evenly among the minions. It’s more like, “You there. Fold the laundry and put it away.”

This summer two of the minions are working (they are doing summer research). That leaves only two minions folding scads of laundry. And since they aren’t paid, they have a communist approach—do the work with little care as to the results.

This led to the following scene at breakfast.

Husband: “You know, the laundry has become a total crap shoot. I get all kinds of clothes that aren’t mine.”

Working Minion (female): “I’m always getting other people’s laundry. Especially mom’s.”

Folding Minion (male): “One pair of pink undies looks like another. I can’t tell the difference.”

WM (conceding the point): “Yeah, but it’s not the underwear. You gave me mom’s dorky shorts.”

FM: “Hmm. True.”

Me, looking up from what I was reading: “Hey, I don’t have dorky shorts.”

WM: “You totally have dorky shorts. Remember those shorts you bought the other day to wear with your swimsuit.”

Me, knowing I bought them because they were cheap even though they were ugly and didn’t fit well: “Okay, those are dorky.”

WM: “You do have one pair of cute jeans.”

Me, feeling better: “Thanks…wait a minute…I have five pairs of jeans. Are you saying the others are lame?”

WM, with a teasing smile: “The jeans with the double buttons are so cute. I love when the boys put them in my laundry pile.”

I guess the lesson to be learned here is that one day in five I’m cool. And the rest, I’m dorky. Hmmm. I’m good with that.


  1. Ha! I have some dorky clothes too--only my husband tells me. I bought $5 sweatpants at Target (which I LOVE) but my hubby tells me they LOOK like $5 sweatpants. LOL

  2. LOL. My sister always loses clothes in the laundry because some of the things she likes to wear look like guy clothes. So a few things have disappeared into our dad's closet, never to return!

    Hey, dorky but comfy could work. The last two days I actually left the house wearing the most basic, ugly gray gym shorts from my high school PE days because I was too lazy to change out of them. Hah.

  3. I was folding clothes with my teenage son one day, the one that always asks me, "So mom what is it that you do all day?" (Hence the laundry folding lesson LOL)
    Halfway through folding he starts to laugh and asks, "Do you memorize this stuff?" Ya gotta love em! :)