Friday, February 10, 2012

Top Ten Reasons to be Sick

I’m now officially doing my part to support the firms of Kleenex and Halls. But I’m trying to put a positive spin on it.  So here are the top ten reasons to be sick.

1. I don’t have to go to the gym. No running when you’re sick. No sweating and no stinky clothes to wash. Of course, that means no caloric indulgences either. L
2. Lying on the couch by the fireplace. You can lay by the fireplace and watch the flames. It’s mesmerizing.
3. Cough drops. Okay, they’re not at all like candy, but I can pretend really well.
4. Vaporizer. This also falls into the pretending category. That steamy vapor is really tropical humidity. Can’t you just smell the ocean? (Actually, that’s the salt in the vaporizer, but don’t ruin my fantasy.)
5. Books. I can read books while I rest. Of course, I’ve finished all the library books I have. But I can borrow them online for my Kindle without leaving the couch. Yeah for Kindle.
6. Writing. I can edit. Of course, my brain is a little foggy, but carpe diem.
7. Movies. I could actually watch some French movie that the boys refuse to watch. Agatha Christie movies are perfect in French.
8. Jammies. I can wear my pajamas until 9am and not feel guilty. Yeah, I could technically wear them all day, but that would cause me too much angst.
9. Vaporub. I can’t think of a single reason that this is a top ten. It stinks and makes my skin sticky. But it allows me to breathe.
10. Tea. I’ll be making tea by the potful. (Why isn’t potful a word? It seems so useful.) Anyway, I’ll be starting with Earl Grey, then Ginger Peach, then Black Currant, ending the day with herbal mint tea. 


  1. Do you get to make orders or requests from the one member who is not sick? Like--please, fetch the TV remote? and not actually feel guilty?

  2. Hope you feel better!
    And enjoy many potable potfuls of tea:)

  3. Yes, yes, yes to the books! It ALMOST makes me want to get sick...LOL

  4. Hope you feel better, but in the mean time enjoy your books and french movies.

  5. Oh man, sorry to hear that you're all still sick. :( But yes to the books and being in PJs! Get well soon! *sending you good health vibes*

  6. You can combine a couple ... have you tried those tissues that smell like Vicks? A little pricey, but a wonderful indulgence.

    Get well soon.