Monday, February 20, 2012


I know it’s only February and it’s still freezing every night, but the flowers are insisting that it’s spring in Chattanooga. So I thought I’d share some photos for all of you who are still stuck in snow and frigid weather--the icy ground crunched under foot this morning as I took these photos, but when there are daffodils, winter is over.

Here's a hellebore (also called a Lenten Rose).

This picture is boring. But it's my patch of mint that's come out of dormancy. This means I'll soon be having mint tea at bedtime. Thanks, Suzie, for teaching me to make a proper mint tisane. It's like drinking liquid sleep.

Thanks, everyone, for your well wishes for Jake and Matt’s Shakespeare tryouts. Jake got the role of Antonio in The Tempest. And Matt got the role of Claudio in Much Ado About Nothing


  1. Pretty! Like a five-year-old, I spotted some flowers while driving yesterday and yelled "CROCUSES!" Our daffies haven't quite made it into bloom yet, but they're looking likely to any day.

  2. Rowenna,

    This is the first year ever that the daffs have bloomed before the crocuses.

  3. No green growing things here yet, but we have started hearing birdsong again. About three more weeks and I'll be starting my early crops in the container gardens.

  4. Actually, I've got some Roma tomatoes that have wintered over, and there is a ripe one (though very small) even as we speak.

  5. Flowers quit blooming? :>) Actually I well remember my 31 years of living in Denver. Now I can enjoy the flower that Wayne brings me every morning from our yard. Enjoy your spring's energizing!

  6. Our first daffodil bloomed in early January this year! Unreal! And the hyacinths are blooming now, although they don't look very lush. Glad to hear your sons both got parts.

  7. Nice flowers. :)

    I wish there was more growing around here--since there hasn't been much snow this winter, it's all drab and gray.

  8. Oh yay! They both got roles! Congrats!
    Mint tea sounds so good right now...

    RE: 1776 - Yes! There IS an illustrated version and it's lovely! I has paintings and maps and two-page color spreads. It's also full of these velum envelopes filled with reproductions of letters and pamphlets and stuff. I think it's just not the full text of 1776. I also have to confess that I have yet to READ the book itself! I have it, but I haven't had time to get to it! Glad to hear that you liked it though!