Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I am an animal person. Not the sort who kisses their dog or shares a bed with them. (Cal and I have had too many babies/sick toddlers share our bed over the years, so there’s no way we’re sharing the bed with an animal.) And I’m allergic to most animals. But I am an animal person.

I’ve never owned a cat, but from what I’ve observed they do their thing and let you think you own them. They deign to grace you with their presence, and you’re supposed to be grateful. And that obviously works for cats and their owners.

Dogs are different. They’re pack animals and they want to be part of the family. They have emotional needs. Sometimes it’s getting their ears scratched. Sometimes it’s attention, which may be by demanding water for their water bowl. And if that means tipping over their full bowl of water, so they can “make” it empty and demand water, so be it. Sometimes they just want to be near “The Master.” Calvin is the master. And our dog Jezebel will do anything/everything necessary to be with The Master. Even if it means being naughty.

Normally, Jezebel sleeps on a big blanket in the boys’ room. But she’d rather sleep in the master’s room. So she made plans.

I woke up during the middle of the night to strange noises. I had the inevitable thought: Burglars. But then, it didn’t sound like people. And no hooded figure walked in our dark room. So I thought I was dreaming and went back to sleep. And I woke up later. Noises again.  From underneath the bed. And I knew. Jez’d surreptitiously snuck out of the boys’ room. Crossed the house. Crept through Ariel’s room. Slunk across our bedroom and buried herself under our bed—that way no one would see her and banish her to the boys’ room.

In the morning we couldn’t quite figure out how she did it. There were three closed doors between where Jez was sleeping and where we sleep. But Labs are quite handy with their noses and very persevering. (Our previous Lab Jill could open the backdoor, which, like the rest of our doors, has a knob and not a handle. Though she did it through brute force. If you apply enough pressure at just the right spot, a door knob will “pop” open.)

In the morning, Jez was rebuked and made appropriate gestures of shame, i.e. sad eyes. Though secretly she was giddy.  And now, she’s carrying her tail a bit more arrogantly, and I know she’s thinking, “I’ve done it once, you silly humans. I’ll do it again.”

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Here are some photos of Jezebel.


  1. Awe she's gorgeous. We have a black lab too, and he's all about getting attention. :-D

  2. All animals are great. Especially when they're young. Anything young is be intrinsic value also adorably cute.

  3. What a nice looking dog. I'm not an animal person, but my daughter wishes I was.

  4. Aww, your dog is adorable! I love dogs, and I think cats are cute too but I'm sort of allergic to them.

    Now I want to know how she managed to get past all those doors! :)

  5. What a smart doggie Jezebel is!

  6. Uh-oh. I think you can pretty much count on Jezebel worming her way into permanent sleeping arrangements in your room. I always liked having our dogs in the room with us at night. When my hubby was home, the dogs would sleep on the floor beside me, but boysie, if he went on a business trip, both of them were in the bed with me. (And the kids. Kind of a free-for-all)

    And our cats like attention just as much as our dogs did. I call them "pushie cats."

  7. Oh she's goooooooorgeous... and as a lab owner, this all sounds so familiar. So many times I've had one wag a tail at me and make big, sorry eyes both at the same time -- but they get what they want!