Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Where Dreams Are Born

I'm experiencing a case of blogger's block today. And instead of burdening you with paragraphs of drivel, I decided to post a photo.  I love to see pictures of other writers' desks, writing spaces, etc.  Here's mine.

The desk is perfect for me. Two locking glass cabinets where I store everything from old manuscripts to my favorite dictionary and thesaurus to the Chicago Manual of Style. It has a leather-lined drop desktop that my computer sits on and has lots of cubby holes for everything from keepsakes to the Waterman fountain pen that I hope to sign my first contract with. (The pen was a gift when I won a writing award.)

There's the chair too. It's comfortable and I can raise and lower the height. The problem is that it's in desperate need of a re-upholstering. A project for the summer when I'm querying and I need to keep my hands and mind busy.

I hope you enjoyed seeing where my dreams are born.


  1. Cool! I love your desk:)
    I'd show you a picture of mine...but all my desk is nothing but a glorified laundry basket with a lap desk on top. I'm so chic.

  2. Great place to work! I did a desk shot ages ago, before I moved and my desk changed entirely. I'll have to do so again! I love your windows--requisite for me :)

  3. And it is a sacred place. When, on a recent visit, I was about to use this computer to check my e-mail, Ariel warned me that I should use a different computer. "Mom does not like anyone touching her computer."

  4. Very interesting!

    If I were to do a post like that, I would probably take about twelve pictures.

    Can never find the right place.


  5. Misha,

    I do some first draft writing at the desk, but mostly it's my editing spot. I do most of my first draft sitting on my bed. It's so quiet in the bedroom (unless the kids are playing Wii)and soft light spills in from an octagonal window. Perfect.

  6. The epic corner, sounds perfect.

  7. Your desk is so cool! Mine is covered in stuff. I find I'm not really a desk person. Right now, I'm sitting on the couch with my laptop in, well, my lap. :)

  8. I love your writing space. What a unique desk! I'd love to stash some special books and things in there...

  9. Chairs are important. Desks are also important, but not as important as chairs. (Or at least in my opinion.)