Monday, February 28, 2011

UPS Redux

I thought the UPS fiasco was over. I was wrong. I knew the moment that I heard Jezebel bark. It wasn’t her hey-move-away-from-the-Kellers’-yard bark. No. She barked her human-flesh-is-delicious-and-you-look-tasty bark. Which, of course, meant that a UPS truck had pulled into the driveway.  Jez hates UPS, but she tolerates FedEx.

I ran to the door and opened it just in time to see the slide-and-run delivery method favored by the dog-afraid UPS drivers. I shouted, “NO! That package is not ours.”

The delivery guy came back. I showed him the package and explained that while the address was ours, we were not “Tomas Camp”. I told him of my struggle to get both UPS and Sprint to deal with the problem.

UPS guy: “I’m really sorry. I’ll take care of it.”
 (Note bene: this was not our normal UPS guy.)

Me, totally shocked: “Thanks! I really appreciate it. After all, it’s not your fault.”

UPS guy, taking out his computer and making notations about the package: “No problem.”

Me: Wow.

If I were in charge of UPS, this guy would be Responsible Employee of the Month. And he’d be on the fast track to management.  I’d also have another list: the To Be Fired List. And our local UPS store employee would be on it. You see, I saw the package when the driver tried to deliver it the second time. When Cal returned the package to the UPS Store, he wrote “Not At This Address” on the package and circled it. The UPS Store employee scribbled out Cal’s notation with a black Sharpie and then put the package back in the system. Yeah. Can you believe it? I’m so glad that I don’t have to run a business. 


  1. Oh goodness gracious. Wow. Sprint should have taken responsibility, too--someone slapped a wrong address to that guy's name (and even if it was, well, that guy--he is their customer).

  2. Jezebel is okay with FedEx? What about the mailperson? Trick or treaters?

    I really like her h-f-i-d-a-y-l-t bark. Totally LOL'd on that one!

  3. Jezebel likes the mailman. Whenever he delivers and I'm in the front yard gardening and she's with me, he pets her and she licks his hands.

    As for trick or treaters, we've never had any.

    She just has a special antipathy for UPS, which I'm beginning to believe is legitimate. :)

  4. Poor Tomas Camp. His Sprint bill is now being delivered to our house.


  5. Poor poor Tomas Camp.

  6. Oh my word!

    That UPS guy sounds awesome.

    I pity the owner of the cellphone, though. Getting billed for something he didn't even receive.


  7. Augh, that's so annoying! Glad the UPS delivery guy was actually helpful though.

    Wonder how Tomas Camp got your address mixed up with this stuff...