Monday, November 8, 2010

Meacham Baby

You might remember that a couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I was going to the Meacham Writers’ Conference.  The day finally came.  If you’ve never been to a workshop before, it’s like showing off your new baby to a bunch of strangers whose job is to find your baby’s flaws. Yeah, kind of scary.  Since I’m not the best judge of my own work. I was nervous.  What made it even worse was that I didn’t have anything new to submit, I just dusted off an old novel that had been “trunked” for the last six or seven years.  So I hadn’t had time to decide if that “spot” on the cheek of chapter one was a cute freckle or a witchy mole with hair growing out of it.  My other worry was that this old manuscript is what I call my “heart novel.”  And I really didn’t want the story to be dumped on. 

Mine was one of the last manuscripts to be dealt with in the workshop.  I was a little more relaxed because everyone seemed to be knowledgeable about writing and fair.  But I was still pasting on my it’s-okay-I-can-take-criticism face in case I was told the story was trite or cliché or had a witchy mole in chapter one.

As it turned out the spot was a very cute freckle, and the baby was tickled and cooed over.  The seminar leader told me to get the book in the hands of agents asap.  I was stunned—my baby wasn’t a three-eyed alien.  I guess I’m going to dress the book in its cutest ruffles and frills, i.e. re-edit it one more time and look for an agent.


  1. That is great!
    I hope that baby has a happy life:)

  2. My old pastor told me that when someone thrusts her ugly-as-sin baby in your face, expecting an adoring remark, I should say, "Now, there's a baby!"

    Kidding aside, I'm excited for you, Connie. Go for it!

  3. Awesome!! You're on a roll, Mrs. K!!

  4. LOL!Loved the baby metaphor and all the variations thereof.Definitely better when the baby get cooed over than to be called a three-eyed alien!
    All the best when sending it out.

  5. Could this mean your baby is getting close to being around so we can all see it. Hope it does come soon.

  6. Nice job! When I see an ugly baby I always find myself commenting on its in "Aw, that's a really cute dress you have it--I mean her--in!" I trust your critique group at the conference didn't comment on your choice of font or paper clips :) Nice work, not only on the writing but on having the courage to share it!