Thursday, May 27, 2010

Drip, drip

Four years ago Cal and I put in drip irrigation. The idea was to save water, money, and time. It has saved time. I don’t have to lug around a too heavy watering can and water each plant—I like to garden so I have a lot of plants. It may also be saving water and money. However, that is offset by the days that I forget that I’ve turned on the drip irrigation and it drips and drips and drips and drips.

Cal and I got up this morning to go running and noticed water spilling out of the birdbath (it’s hooked into the irrigation line). Two out of the four irrigation lines were on all night. We turned them off. Later I went to turn on irrigation line three, which I forgot to turn on last night, I discovered that line two was still on—neither Cal nor I can figure out how that happened. So one irrigation lines was on for 15 hours. Yep. I’m guessing I didn’t save a lot of money this month. On a positive note, my strawberry plants are very perky.


  1. Well, if you consider time as money, then I would say you saved a bit of the costs.

    My family absolutely adores strawberries... At least they do when there happens to be some sugar nearby.

  2. I'm glad your strawberries will be reaping the benefits of all that water! Yum, right? I've had mishaps like that happen and all you can do is shrug.

  3. Hey, T. Anne. *wave* I hope you enjoy the blog.