Tuesday, May 25, 2010


On Monday Calvin and Matthew left to go camping. The rest of us stayed home—we remembered camping. Matthew doesn’t. The last time he went camping, he wasn’t actually born. I was six months pregnant with him and then eight months when we went camping again. This clearly explains why I haven’t been camping in thirteen years. After all, when you’re beached-whale-pregnant and the air mattress springs a leak during the middle of the night, diapers are changed in a tent, and you yell at your toddler “Stop eating dirt,” camping becomes associated with misery.

Matt called me. He told me they set up the tent, hiked, cooked hot dogs over an open fire, and saw beautiful vistas. I’m starting to remember why we used to go camping in the first place. I can’t wait to see the pictures they’re taking.


  1. Camping is fun. Papa took us camping in Maryland and we had a giant thunderstorm over our head. Now I know what it sounds like to sleep in the middle of a battle..

    Camping on the Galilee was the best, I have to say.

    Grace Duke

  2. When we saw Matt depart yesterday, my brothers and I didn't really know what to think. When *we* go camping, we have a whole caravan of people, consisting entirely of our siblings. It must be neat for Matt to be just him and his dad!!

    (It must also be unbearably hot.)

  3. Hey Connie- I saw you over on Krista V.'s blog and enjoyed reading through your recent posts. I love the Hunger Games, too. Best new books I've read this year. Have fun not camping! I have that icky-pregnant association with T-ball. I know it wasn't the tball that made me feel ill, but I still always think, "Nah. I don't want to sign the kids up for that. It's not very fun." LOL

  4. I actually just got back from a camping trip with the Boyscouts, and I got chiggers, black flies, and ticks on this campout. Not very good memories at all. Any how, hope you guys have fun.

    See you soon,

    Joshua E'kud

  5. I think camping will be much more enjoyable now that Jacob doesn't want to eat the campground! Having a bunch of self-dependent kids is much better than four small children demanding your attention!

  6. @David

    Be that as it may, it's a lot more awesome for the kids when they're NOT "self dependent," and they don't have to worry about a single responsibility. Heh heh.