Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Five

We’ve done music, books, and movies. Today, we’re doing board games. (Thanks for the suggestion, Andrew.) What are your five favorite board games?

Here are mine:

1. Louis the Fourteenth. (I’m not sure I’ve ever won this one. But I love the intrigue, influence peddling, etc.)

2. Settlers of Catan. (I like this one a lot because I almost always win. However, this is not so much a testament to my game playing as it is the fact that when we play the kids mostly ignore me and I can win “through the backdoor.”)

3. Battleships. (I don’t win at this one either. My kids say I’m too predictable. But I like the game a lot.)

4. Bang! (More a card game than a board game. But I love the Italian-flavored spaghetti western theme and that the life points are restored by beer.)

5. Scrabble. (Is there anything more fun than this old classic? Nope. Don’t covet, but I have an especially cool rotating board with raised edges around each letter opening.)

Those are my favorites. What are yours?


  1. 1: Diplomacy (It's a really fun game that has No chance involvoled)

    2-3: Quelf and Killer Bunnys(I can't decied which is which) (Killer Bunnys is a card game but You used one)

    4: Settlers of Catan (Especially with expaintions)

    5: imaginiff-Not misspelled (No comment)

  2. 1: Bang! (YA-HA!)
    2: Chess (Can't beat the classics, except with Bang!)
    3: Pit (Trading and yelling! Can't beat em! Join em!)
    4: Cranium (Wow, I'm good!)
    5: Quelf (Tandem Random...)

  3. Well, all of my favorite games have already been mentioned at least once so I'll skip the descriptions, but here are my five favorite games:

    1) Cranium
    2) Pit
    3) Scrabble
    4) Quelf
    5) Bang!

  4. 1: Dutch Blitz

    2: Zeus on the Loos (heehee, well, at least until Jezebel rendered Zeus to an amorphous mass...)

    3: Stratego

    4: Duke Monopoly (when one of the rules involves stealing money from the bank...mwahaha)

    5: Cranium Cadoo and Quelf (Sara cries whenever she gets a dare, though)

    Grace Duke

  5. Jezebel took it upon herself to rid the house of pagan gods, kinda ironic, eh? Anyway:
    1. Killer Bunnies
    2. Bang
    3. Louis XIV
    4. Quelf
    5. Battle for Middle Earth 2 (oops, that's a computer game)
    5. Imagine If

  6. Huh. I never played Louis XIV. I want to try that some time. So my favorite board games...

    1. Knights of Catan (Two levels up from Settlers of Catan)
    2. Speed Scrabble (We learned this game from a visitor. I hear its rules are similar to those of a game called "Bananagram". It uses all the scrabble pieces, but not the board. Oh well)
    3. Killer Bunnies
    4. Cranium
    5. Bang! (Probably because it's custom to eat snacks the whole way through a game)