Friday, October 30, 2009

In a Perfect World…

In a perfect world…

The Yankees would be ahead 2-0

Pizza wouldn’t give me heartburn

Editing would be as much fun as writing

Maple-sucks software would self-immolate

My children would never fight

Editing would not involve trying to find the right verb for two hours

The temperature would not vary by thirty degrees in one day, necessitating
multiple clothing changes.

Stilettos would be as comfortable as Mary Janes

Chocolate would be calorie free

Plumbers would know how to fix the backflow into my basement

In the meantime, I’ll eat chocolate and Tums, wear layers and my Trekker Janes, listen to my daughter complain about Maple, mumble imprecations against the Phillies, pray the basement doesn’t flood, and hope to finish my first edit by Thanksgiving or Christmas. Fat Chance.


  1. Hmmm... Calorie Free Chocolate...

  2. I wish it were so, Go Yankees!

  3. Nana says "In a perfect world the Phillies would be ahead 2-0.

  4. Huh, and since when is Nana a Phillies fan?

    You know, if maple did self-immolate, I'm sure Dr. Smith wouldn't get the memo, and we'd still have to turn in assignments using the non-existent software. So, I guess it's good that maple hasn't self-immolated after all...