Friday, October 23, 2009

Carpe Ventum

It’s windy today, and that makes me happy. Why? I have no idea. Maybe it’s because I know the science behind it—a cold front and a warm front crashing together bringing the inevitable thunderstorms, which I love. Maybe it’s metaphorical, i.e. the winds of change. Except that I’m happy, and change isn’t necessarily good. Maybe it’s literary—if I remember correctly the Elizabethan poets wrote that the turning of the spheres spawned the winds. (At least, that sounds like them.) Or maybe it’s theological. I love the feel of the wind on my face and in my hair, a sense of ruah (Hebrew for wind and spirit).

I’m looking out my window, watching the wind rifle the autumn speckled leaves. And even though I’ve got a sink full of dishes and two children to teach, I think I can take just a minute or two to feel the wind. I hope you do the same. Carpe Ventum!


  1. This post made me smile:)

    Grace Duke

  2. I personally love the rain; the sound of it pouring on roof of the house.

  3. I love the wind and the rain except when I have to walk through them to classes.