Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Five

Here are five of my favorite movies—I’ve tried to pick movies in different categories. Now you’ve got to go to the comments and list your five favorite movies. That way we can all pop some popcorn and watch a great movie that we’ve never seen before.

Here are mine:

1. Stranger Than Fiction (Modern, literary comedy)

2. North by Northwest (Suspense, Alfred Hitchcock)

3. How to Steal a Million (Romantic comedy)

4. The Bourne Identity (Spy flick)

5. Wait Until Dark (Scary crime suspense)

Don’t forget, you have to comment with your favorite five. I’m looking forward to watching a new movie.


  1. 1:The Felloship of The Ring (although I think you probably have seen it)

    2: How to Steal a Million

    3: The Bourne Identity

    4: The Obama man song

    5:The Hunt for R2D2 (part 2)

  2. 1. Clue (silly comedy from the 80s)

    2. The Great Race (Jack Lemmon + Tony Curtis + Natalie Wood= enough said)

    3. The Court Jester (Danny Kaye)

    4. Some Like It Hot (pretty much the same reasons as The Great Race)

    5. Secondhand Lions (just priceless)

    I have even more favorites, but these were the first ones I came up with. :) Now I think I might pop in a movie and try to write my SIP for a bit. Thanks for the inspiration. ;)

  3. So we're picking our favorite films? Lemme see...

    5. "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" (The 1971 Version...)
    4. "Batman, The Dark Knight"
    3. "Lord of the Rings" Trilogy
    2. "The Princess Bride"
    1. "It's a Wonderful Life"
    "Pirates of the Caribbean" was also rather good... I guess that's a "Runner Up."

    (And left out all the animated movies that I love... Mostly because I thought this was supposed to be "live action" films...)

  4. Andrew, you can't list The Lord of the Rings as a whole! I'd say:
    1. The Return of the King
    2. The Fellowship of the Ring
    3. The Two Towers
    4. Black Hawk Down
    5. What's up Doc?
    There are many others I could list, but these are the five that I thought of. By the way, #5 is not a Loony Toons movie.

  5. Intresting selction you have there....

    I'd have to say mine are:

    1. A Walk To Remember (if you haven't watched this you HAVE to!!)

    2. Pride and Prejudice (Keri Knightly one...)

    3. Wuthering Heights (!!!!!)

    4. Truman Show (so interesting and excellent!!)

    5. Fireproof (AWESOME!!!)

    It's hard for me to choose and I'm not sure if these in are in the correct order, but they are my top 5.

  6. Well, I couldn't decide which one to put on the list!! So I just chose them all. Heh heh.
    (However, if I REALLY ahd to decide, I would probably select "Return of the King" as my favorite.)

  7. I like Secondhand Lions a lot too(I just didn't think of it).

  8. So I'm going to ignore the "live-action" assupmtion that everyone is operating under and include one of my favorite animated movies.

    1) While You Were Sleeping
    2) The Client
    3) Hoodwinked
    4) Sneakers
    5) Sabrina

    ("How to Steal a Million" is actually my all-time favorite movie, but since you and Matt have both used it already, I didn't list it.)

  9. I love Hoodwinked too!! I've been told multiple times that I resemble Twitchy the squirrel. :) I should have listed Meet the funny!

  10. Ooh!

    1: Robin Hood (1973- the fox is waaaay better than Errol Flynn, sorry:(
    2: The Lady Vanishes
    3: The Great Race
    4:Corpse Bride (ee, not as bad as it sounds)
    5: How to Steal a Million was prettyhilarious

    I want to put 500 more on, but...

    Grace Duke

  11. If I didn't go under the "Live Action" Assumption, I could've listed a billion other films... (Most of them would've been from Disney or Pixar though... Heh heh.)

  12. Great idea to get new movie ideas. This gave us a lively dinner discussion. So I will comment for both Mike and myself.

    Here are Mike's choices (he wanted to make sure that I said that they are not in order, but I should add that he could not be held down to that five thingy - pretty tough - maybe top 10 would have been better):

    1. Ten Commandments
    2. The Good Shepherd (no not a Christian movie)
    3. Little Big Man
    4. No Way Out
    5. Phantom of the Opera
    6. Amadeus
    7. Dances with Wolves

    Colleen's choices(assuming that I love all of Mike's choices and that I did not add the Christian ones that would normally come to mind like "End of the Spear"...wait was that a sneaky way to add one?):

    1. The Lathe of Heaven (1980 version) - totally weird but I love it.
    2. Sliding Doors - truly not a children's movie, but the overall theme will really keep you thinking.
    3. Vantage Point
    4. Three Days of the Condor
    5. No Way Out

    Thanks for asking and we will check back to see what everyone else picks.

  13. 1. Cinderalla - Only the original with Leslie Ann Warren
    2. Prancer - Magical, poignant, childhood kept.
    3. White Christmas - Wonderful songs, beautiful scenery, dancing I can only dream of doing.
    4. Miracle on 3rth Street - yes, another Christmas movie! Old one or new one.
    5. 7 Brides for 7 Brothers - I love musicals.

  14. Okay I too refuse to be limited to 5, but here's what first came to mind:

    1. Secondhand Lions
    2.Rundown - The Rock
    3. Pretty Woman - Julia Roberts
    4. Fire Down Below - Steven Seagal
    5. A Man For All Seasons