Monday, March 2, 2009

Guest Blog

A writing friend of mine, Adele Annesi, invited me to guest blog at her blog. So, I've included the publicity notice, which has site links, in case you'd like to read the posts.

Here it is:

I'm pleased to announce guest blogger for March, writer and essayist Connie Keller on the subject of "Take Down Your Scaffolding, Reveal Your Art" for my writing and editing blog, "Word for Words"

Connie won the Tassy Walden New Voices in Children's Literature “Honorable Mention Award” for young adult fiction, and founded the Wellspring Writers Workshop. She hails from the University of California , and was a writer at Harcourt. She’s currently editing her historical fiction novel Dark Mercy, and her YA novel Screwing Up Time. Her humorous and serious essays have been published in various journals, and she writes the popular YA and adult blog "A Merry Heart,"

To see Connie's piece entitled, "Take Down Your Scaffolding, Reveal Your Art," visit "Word for Words"


  1. Oh boy!! Guest Blog!! I'm going to go and check it out!!

  2. Hi all. How are you?

  3. What do you think about WIKILEAKS?