Monday, March 30, 2009

Final Pit Post

This is the last post on the current tech issue. I’m trying to remind myself that I have much to be thankful for:

1. The guy that I spend three hours on the phone with today (Monday) at least told me his name—Vanuatu. Oops…nope, that’s the name of an island group in Melanesia (west of Fiji). But his name is something like that.

2. That he was actually polite and didn’t try to tell me that problem was my fault. The first guy tried to imply that. Vanu actually apologized dozens and dozens of times.

3. I finally understand what was wrong with the computer. According to Vanu, it had a “weird” registry issue. Right. That was my first thought too.

4. Vanu took control of the laptop so that he was manipulating it from south India. Kind of cool, but spooky too—cursors and characters dancing across the screen.

5. After three hours on the phone, Vanu and I got to know each other very well. In south India it can get over 130 degrees in the summer. He told me the problem was “global warming.” I thought about disagreeing, but I really, really wanted the computer fixed.

6. And most importantly, after a total of six hours: three Saturday and three today, the computer now works!! I received an email tonight from Microsoft asking me to rate their service. I don’t think I’m going to respond—I have to be nice; I’m a pastor’s wife.


  1. I think Vanu's comment on global warming had to do with the fact that it's supposedly "hip" in America to believe in global warming. He was just trying to sympathize with you culturally by speaking about something he thought you'd find enlightening.

  2. No, it is actually the democrats' new plan: Spread propaganda through tech people. By the time the abused customer hears the propaganda, they want their computer fixed so much that they don't argue at all. Dangerous stuff, this.

  3. Our computer crashed. We are carrying it to D.C. to have it looked at. To bad Vanu wasn't there, eh?

    Grace Duke

    Post Scriptum,

    Thanks for writing this blog, my mom and I really enjoy reading it:)

  4. When my dad got a new computer, he had one of his many co-workers fix it. But as his co-workers were apparently too lazy to come to our house to fix it, they took control of it from there computer. Just as you mentioned in your post, the mouse was constantly moving around and clicking random things. Scary.

  5. It's your aura, Connie. The missing factor these techs are missing is your computer killing aura.