Wednesday, February 18, 2009


The modem finally arrived. And it only took two days and seven tries before all the software loaded properly and we were connected. (Please note: I did it without the help of Mr. Bob and tech support.) I even got the modem and the router working together. However, I don't yet have the network security enabled. Which means, you guessed it, my neighbors can now piggyback on my network! Turnabout is fair play. Hopefully, Belkin will get back to me in the near future (72 hrs.) and then we'll be password protected. Woohoo.

Of course, this probably means no more homemade croutons. Ariel will be sad.


  1. I am sad. Not because I'm a crouton person; 'cause I'm not. But I am a homemade crouton person!

    Well, thanks to working internet service, I've been able to start blogging again. Yay for new routers!


  2. I didn't know that it was possible to make croutons at home... I always figured that there was some big evil factory machine that produced thousands of croutons a day and could never be included in a typical American dream. Neat.