Friday, June 9, 2023

Book Review, What She Takes Away

 What She Takes Away is a heart-wrenching, debut novel, which explores the warp and weft of the lives of Gia and her estranged family in the village of Castel Barberini, when she returns to Italy for Milan’s Fashion Week.

As I read the novel, I was impressed with the novel’s pacing, character development, and artistry. I was transported by the Italian setting, which is so integral to the plot and characters that this story could not exist in any other time or place.

Ms. Annesi adds another dimension to her novel. An artisan fabric that weaves itself into all aspects of the plot, becomes not only a metaphor for the characters’ growth, but a character itself. It is only as the shuttle interlaces people in its web that we see the beautiful couture silk of Gia’s dress and life.

Highly recommended!  Click here to see the novel on Amazon.

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