Friday, January 17, 2014

Paris Watercolor

When people visit our home for the first time, they often see all the watercolor paintings on the wall and they say to me, "Your paintings are so beautiful." And then, I have to say, "I didn't paint them." They blink and say, "Oh." Then I smile and say, "My husband Calvin painted them." The usual response at that point is a frown of disbelief until they squint and read Calvin's signature on the bottom.

I guess Cal doesn't quite seem the artist type. He's tall, broad and has a strong personality. He doesn't seem the type to hunch over a watercolor block with a tiny brush in his hand. But he is.

This December, we had a stay-cation and Cal painted me a watercolor of our trip to Paris. (I always hesitate to post photos of his watercolors because I have a cheap camera and richness of the colors and the details of painting don't come through. But I can't resist.)

So here is Rue Galande, Paris.

This is very near the apartment where we stayed
in the Latin Quarter.
 Here's a link to another of Calvin's watercolors.


  1. You have a very talented husband! Awesome. Truly beautiful.

  2. Wow! That is lovely. My watercolors are all abstract, or slightly cartoon-ish.

    This is such a great way to remember the trip and your time together.

  3. WOW! Your husband is wonderfully talented. His watercolors are amazing. Not only did he surprise you with a fabulous trip to Paris for your anniversary, but then he captured memories of it to live one in a painting... again, I say WOW! He's a real keeper.

  4. Susan,
    Yep, he's a keeper.

    One of our kid's response to the painting, "I want that one when you die." Other kid, "You already have three others that you've claimed."


  5. I have a granddaughter who shall remain unnamed (starts with a V :>) ) who is well-known for claiming things "when you die" :>)

    Anyway, great remembrance of your fantastic trip and I love the self-portrait of the artist himself! However, my favorite watercolor that I've seen you post is the one of you and Ariel with ice cream. OK, anything with ice cream is on my Favorites List lol

  6. Holy crap! That's amazing. He is indeed very talented, and what a nice way to remember your trip by!

  7. That is beautiful! Your husband is very talented.