Monday, January 20, 2014

Filthy Windows

This morning my husband and I were eating breakfast and the sun was streaming through the living room windows. Calvin said, “Wow, the windows are filthy.” I looked. “Yeah, they are.”

Then he laughed and said, “We haven’t cleaned those windows in years.”

I said, “You’re right, we haven’t. But I have.”

Cal disbelieving, “You stand on the porch and clean the massive windows?”

Me, disbelieving his disbelief, “On a fairly frequent basis.”

Cal, “When do you do it?”

Me, “When you’re not here, obviously.”

Now I’m pondering making a list of everything I do during the day. How the laundry gets magically cleaned, folded/ironed, and put away. How the walls get washed. How the baseboards stay magically white, etc. It reminds me of the “self-cleaning fireplace” Cal used to think we have.

Coolest thing. My husband is now getting the window cleaner and rags. J


  1. It is funny how we can assume things don't happen if we aren't there to see them.

    I think it's something that definitely is relatable to writing as well. Sometimes things happen off the page, but you have to make sure that the reader sees and acknowleges that they did actually happen.

  2. Ahahaha, classic case of taking things for granted. I wonder if the house would cease to run if you just refused to do any of your usual tasks. :) (And good on him for taking up the cleaning post conversation!)

    Have a great weekend!