Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Preparing for the Holidays with a Seventeen Year Old Son

Here’s how you know (as if you could possibly be confused) that you’re preparing for the holidays with a seventeen year old son as your helper.

1. He surfs the wood floors with the new chair pads that he’s supposed to be putting on the chairs.

2. He makes the cranberry sauce with fresh cranberries because when you cook them, they explode.

3. You ask him to refill all the bathroom soap containers and he says, “That seems pretty menial.” Then, you casually mention that toilets need to be cleaned.

4. He’s eager to help because he’s gotten off school a day early to help.

5. He asks if he can choose music to listen to while you clean. You cringe and nod. Until Silent Night fills the air. Maybe Christmas music before Thanksgiving isn’t so bad. 


  1. I'm at the in-between stage with no one here right now to help. One in NH, the other still asleep! And...I forgot the cranberries! Ugh. Maybe when I go to get the broccoli at the farm, they'll have cranberries too?

  2. I love the surfing on the couch cushions. That's definitely helping! :) Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Connie!